Monday, June 29, 2009

Hello & Welcome to my blog

Finally I have my very own blog up and running... It isn't perfect yet, and there are still so many things to learn and improve but it's here!
First, let me tell you a little bit about myself and about 7ART Jewelry.
My name is Ilana, I am 40 years old, and I live in Modi'in, Israel. I was born in Riga, Latvia (when it still was a part of the USSR) and came to Israel with my family when I was 11.

Ever since I can remember I was fascinated by jewelry, and especially jewelry design. But, as often happens, life took me to different directions - Chinese (BA) and business strategy (MBA). But I guess that when you really love something you will finally come back to it. It started several years ago with some classes in Goldsmith...and never stopped ever since...
I started experimenting, playing with different materials, shapes and techniques - as a hobby at first - until it slowly filled up my whole time.
As I kept on playing I developed a unique technique, based on simple crochet but with an entirely different outcome.
Although, my jewelry are made of metal wire they have a lace-like texture and feel like soft lace. I strongly believe that a piece of jewelry must not only be pretty, it has to be durable and feel comfortable. A person has to wear it without fear or discomfort.
Every item is unique, one of its kind. A lot of time and effort is invested in its design and making.
It usually starts with an idea born in my head...Sometimes it is something I see, hear or even smell...sometimes wake up with a vivid picture of a bracelet, necklace or ring. And then I cannot stop until I'll see it done.
Sometimes I use simple copper wire first (although it takes twice as long) and only when the outcome is exactly as I want it, I will do it again using Sterling Silver or 14KT Gold.

I like to interlace tiny gemstones, pearls or Swarovski crystals into my work. Usually I use 2mm stones, that are very hard to find. There is no demand for such a weird size and apparently they are much more expensive to make so jewelry supplies stores don't carry them.

well, I hope you liked my very first post... I had fun writing it :-)

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